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Innovaccer is a leading healthcare technology company that specializes in data activation and healthcare management solutions. Their platform, the Innovaccer Health Cloud, leverages unified patient data and advanced analytics to improve clinical and financial outcomes in healthcare. Innovaccer is dedicated to accelerating digital transformation for healthcare providers, payers, life sciences companies, and innovators, aiming to streamline operations and enhance patient care.

Founded: 2014

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Founded with a vision to simplify complex data systems within healthcare, Innovaccer Inc. has established itself as a pioneer in healthcare data activation and management. The company’s flagship product, the Innovaccer Health Cloud, integrates data across multiple systems to provide a unified patient record, driving efficient and patient-centered care. This platform supports a range of solutions, including analytics, population health management, and care management, designed to optimize clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. Innovaccer's solutions cater to a broad spectrum of healthcare entities, including providers, payers, life sciences organizations, and government agencies. By offering tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning, Innovaccer empowers healthcare professionals to automate processes, improve decision-making, and reduce redundancies. The company's technology has been recognized for its effectiveness in reducing costs, enhancing productivity, and improving patient outcomes, receiving accolades from various analyst organizations. The company was co-founded by industry experts whose backgrounds provided a mix of healthcare and technology insight, crucial for addressing the specific needs of the healthcare sector. Innovaccer has grown substantially, showing a strong track record of innovation and customer satisfaction. Key partnerships with major healthcare organizations underscore Innovaccer’s role as a critical player in the health tech field. These collaborations are focused on leveraging real-world data to drive improvements in healthcare delivery. Moreover, the company is committed to advancing the digital transformation of healthcare, ensuring that providers can offer more personalized and efficient care. As Innovaccer continues to expand its reach and refine its offerings, it remains at the forefront of addressing some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare today. Its comprehensive suite of products and services ensures that healthcare entities can achieve better health outcomes and navigate the complexities of the modern healthcare environment more effectively.

Management Team

Sandeep Gupta Co-founder & COO
Kanav Hasija Co-founder & CCO
Andy Burtis CMO
Mike Sutten CTO
Abhinav Shashank CEO

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