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InfluxData provides InfluxDB, a purpose-built time series database for real-time analytics. It offers scalable solutions for startups and enterprises, enabling efficient data collection, storage, and querying across various environments, including cloud and on-premises setups.

Founded: 2012

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InfluxData specializes in time series data management and real-time analytics through its flagship product, InfluxDB. InfluxDB is a high-performance, scalable database designed to handle time series data efficiently, supporting applications in industries such as manufacturing, telecommunications, and energy. It offers multiple deployment options including cloud (serverless and dedicated) and on-premises (clustered), catering to both small teams and large enterprises. InfluxDB provides native SQL support, low latency queries, and unlimited cardinality, making it ideal for high-speed read and write operations. It integrates seamlessly with hundreds of plugins, supporting a wide range of data collection methods. The platform is known for its superior data compression and interoperability within data ecosystems. InfluxData also offers InfluxDB Cloud, a managed service providing high availability and scalability with a pay-as-you-go model, and InfluxDB Enterprise for organizations needing advanced security and dedicated resources. The company supports a robust developer community with tools, client libraries, and extensive documentation. With a commitment to open-source principles, InfluxData continues to innovate, ensuring that its solutions meet the evolving needs of modern data-driven enterprises.

Management Team

Evan Kaplan CEO
Winnie Cheng CFO
Paul Dix Founder & CTO

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