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Indigo Ag is a pioneer in sustainable agriculture, offering innovative solutions that enhance the livelihoods of farmers and empower companies to achieve their sustainability goals. Through its platform, Indigo Ag integrates advanced science and technology to deliver valuable agricultural products and services, including biological treatments, carbon credits, and digital applications for grain transactions.

Founded: 2013

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Founded to revolutionize agricultural practices, Indigo Ag leverages cutting-edge science and technology to provide sustainable solutions that benefit both farmers and corporations. Indigo Ag's offerings include a robust lineup of biotrinsic products, which are natural biological treatments that improve plant growth and resilience. Additionally, the company has established a leading carbon program that produces registry-issued carbon credits from agricultural soil, incentivizing farmers to adopt sustainable practices through financial rewards. Indigo Ag also operates Market+, a digital platform that simplifies and optimizes grain transactions, providing real-time competitive market insights. The company's integrated sustainability platform uniquely positions it to connect the entire agricultural value chain, helping farmers maximize profits while reducing environmental impacts through practices that require less water, fewer chemicals, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Indigo Ag's collaborations extend across the agricultural industry, supporting agribusinesses, grain buyers, and corporations in meeting stringent sustainability targets and advancing the science of sustainable agriculture.

Management Team

David Perry President, CEO, Director
Geoffrey von Maltzahn, Ph.D. Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer, Director
Karsten Neuffer COO, International
Rachel Raymond COO, North America
Jennifer Betka Chief Marketing Officer
Eric Jeck Chief Strategy Officer
Brian Birtwistle Chief Product Officer
Steve Nee Chief Accounting and Tax Officer
Frank Crespo Chief Supply Chain Officer
Katie Czerepak Chief People Officer
Michel de Fontaine Chief Information Officer
John Mulliken Chief Integrated Product Officer

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