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Improbable is a leading metaverse technology company that harnesses gaming, blockchain, and AI expertise to create innovative virtual experiences. They design, build, and operate metaversal worlds for brands, driving new business and revenue. Improbable also ventures into developing businesses that utilize their technologies to make the metaverse a practical reality in entertainment, social, and enterprise applications.

Founded: 2012

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Improbable is at the forefront of metaverse technology, combining gaming, blockchain, and AI to develop cutting-edge virtual experiences. Headquartered in London, the company was co-founded by Herman Narula, Rob Whitehead, and Peter Lipka. Improbable's mission is to create immersive metaversal environments that enable new forms of interaction and engagement for brands and users alike. Improbable's key products include SpatialOS, a platform that allows developers to build and manage large-scale virtual worlds, and M², their suite of metaverse solutions tailored for entertainment, social, and enterprise applications. Their innovative approach leverages the latest in gaming and AI technologies to create highly scalable and interactive virtual experiences. Among their notable projects are the MLB Virtual Ballpark, which integrates live sports with metaverse technology, and Edison 'NPC Snatchers', a blend of multiplayer gaming and interactive events. Additionally, their KosmoPop event series connects K-pop fans with their idols in a dynamic virtual space. Improbable also supports ventures like Improbable Labs, which experiments with new game modes to enhance player experiences. Their ecosystem fosters creativity and innovation, offering unique opportunities for brands to engage with audiences in unprecedented ways. With a focus on driving the metaverse forward, Improbable continues to shape the future of virtual interaction and digital entertainment.

Management Team

Herman Narula CEO
Peter Lipka CEO, Asia
Joe Robinson CEO, Defense & Security
Jason Jhonson Chief Commercial Officer
Robert Whitehead Chief Product Officer
Nicola Forde Chief of Staff, Defense, & Security
Lincoln Wallen CTO

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