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Illumio is a leading cybersecurity firm specializing in Zero Trust Segmentation. Their innovative platform provides organizations with powerful tools to prevent cybersecurity breaches and ransomware spread across hybrid IT environments, including public clouds, data centers, and endpoints. Illumio's solutions cater to a variety of industries, emphasizing robust cloud security, compliance, and cyber resilience.

Founded: 2013

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Illumio Company Overview

Founded by Andrew Rubin and PJ Kirner, Illumio has rapidly positioned itself at the forefront of cybersecurity solutions with its focus on Zero Trust Segmentation. This approach is crucial for organizations to prevent unauthorized access and contain breaches within segmented network zones, effectively minimizing potential damage. Illumio offers a suite of products including Illumio Core, Illumio CloudSecure, and Illumio Endpoint, each designed to enhance security protocols across different network environments. The company caters to a diverse range of industries, from banking and healthcare to government and energy, providing tailored security solutions that meet specific regulatory and operational needs. Illumio's technology not only helps in asset mapping and visibility but also supports critical asset protection, incident response, and environmental separation, thereby bolstering an organization's cyber resilience. Illumio's leadership includes seasoned industry professionals who bring a wealth of experience to the company. Their combined expertise drives innovation at Illumio, ensuring the company remains at the cutting edge of cybersecurity technologies. Illumio's strategic partnerships and extensive customer base highlight its industry credibility and trustworthiness, making it a notable player in the cybersecurity field.

Management Team

Andrew Rubin CEO and Co-Founder
PJ Kirner CTO and Co-Founder
Bobby Guhasarkar CMO
Anup Singh CFO
Emily Couey SVP of People
Scott Downie SVP of Support and Services
Matthew Glenn SVP of Product Management
Ben Verghese SVP of Engineering
Chris Kadan VP of Customer Success
Jim Yares SVP of Global Field Operations

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