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IEX Group, Inc. operates the Investors Exchange (IEX), a stock exchange focused on fairness, transparency, and performance. IEX provides innovative solutions for market trading, real-time data access through IEX Cloud, and advanced cloud software via, enabling seamless migration of high-bandwidth workloads.

Founded: 2012

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IEX Group Company Overview

IEX Group, Inc. is a financial technology firm that operates the Investors Exchange (IEX), an equity trading venue built on principles of transparency and fairness. IEX aims to protect investors by offering a market structure that minimizes information leakage and reduces the impact of high-frequency trading. The exchange gained attention through its unique “speed bump” technology, which delays orders by 350 microseconds to level the playing field for all investors. IEX Group also offers IEX Cloud, a data platform designed to simplify access to financial data for developers, providing real-time and historical market data through a robust API. This service enhances the ability of businesses and developers to integrate accurate market data into their applications without the complexity of building infrastructure from scratch. Another key product is, a cloud-based solution that enables industries such as finance, media, and industrial sectors to migrate high-bandwidth workloads to the cloud seamlessly. This technology supports the movement of data-intensive operations without requiring code changes, facilitating a more efficient and cost-effective cloud transition. Founded by finance industry veterans, IEX has continually advocated for market reforms to enhance transparency and reduce trading costs. The company's innovative approaches have made it a notable player in the financial services industry, striving to make markets work better for all participants.

Management Team

Brad Katsuyama CEO
Claudia Crowley Chief Regulatory Officer
Sara Furber CFO
Kate Gunning CMO
Andrea Ledford Chief People Officer
Sophia Lee General Counsel
Rob Park CTO
John Ramsay Chief Market Policy Officer
Ronan Ryan President
Eric Stockland Chief Strategy Officer

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