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Hyperscience is a leader in enterprise AI technology, specializing in hyperautomation solutions that enhance business process efficiencies across various industries. With cutting-edge platforms focused on intelligent document processing, Hyperscience delivers substantial accuracy and automation improvements, transforming how enterprises manage data and workflows.

Founded: 2014

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Hyperscience Company Overview

Founded by seasoned technology innovators, Hyperscience has become a pivotal player in the hyperautomation sector, a niche of artificial intelligence focused on maximizing enterprise operational efficiency. This company provides robust AI solutions that are designed to automate complex document processing tasks with exceptional accuracy and speed. Their platform leverages advanced machine learning models to understand and process a wide range of documents, which helps businesses reduce manual workloads, improve accuracy, and accelerate decision-making processes. Hyperscience's offerings are tailored to a variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, and healthcare, making them versatile partners in digital transformation. Their technology is renowned for its ability to achieve high automation rates—often above 98%—and accuracy levels that instill confidence in automated workflows. This performance has garnered significant attention and adoption from major enterprises globally. Key to their success is a commitment to continuous innovation and a strong leadership team that guides the company’s vision and expansion. Hyperscience emphasizes ethical AI use, ensuring their solutions not only advance business efficiency but also promote responsible AI practices. Their approach has attracted partnerships with leading technology providers and endorsements from industry experts, further cementing their status as a transformative force in enterprise AI solutions.

Management Team

Charlie Newark-French Interim CEO
Tony Lee CTO
Paz Macdonald CMO
Steven Vineyard CFO
Caron Cone Chief People Officer
Chris Ranalli CRO

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