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Hyperice is a leading technology-driven company specializing in performance recovery products. Its offerings are designed to enhance wellness through innovative technology, including percussion, vibration, and thermal devices that target physical recovery and fitness enhancement. Popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Hyperice’s solutions are pivotal for optimizing recovery and enhancing physical performance.

Founded: 2011

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Hyperice Company Overview

Hyperice, founded by Anthony Katz, has established itself as a leader in recovery technology, focusing on devices that cater to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The company offers a suite of high-performance products such as percussion massagers, vibrating fitness rollers, and thermal technology-based items, designed to relieve muscle stiffness, boost blood circulation, and improve mobility. These products feature advanced technology integration, including Bluetooth and app connectivity, enabling users to personalize their recovery processes. The brand enjoys endorsements from professional athletes and sports teams worldwide, which boosts its market presence. Hyperice has broadened its reach by developing products that appeal not only to professional athletes but also to casual fitness enthusiasts and those interested in general wellness, leveraging strong branding and technological innovation to meet diverse market needs.

Management Team

Jim Huether Chief Executive Officer
Kristian Pearson Chief Financial Officer
Gilad Jacobs Chief Innovation Officer
Anthony Kats Founder

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