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Hydrow is an innovative fitness company that revolutionizes indoor rowing with its advanced rowing machines, designed to offer an immersive workout experience. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Hydrow machines connect users with virtual outdoor environments and expert rowing instruction. Their product lineup includes the Hydrow Wave, Hydrow Pro, and Hydrow Vista, each tailored to different user needs and spaces, from compact designs to fully immersive setups with curved screens. Hydrow’s approach integrates cardio, strength, and recovery in each session, promoting full-body fitness and engaging community interaction through their comprehensive digital platform.

Founded: 2017

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Hydrow Company Overview

Founded with the vision of redefining at-home fitness, Hydrow offers a unique rowing experience that combines high-quality craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. The company has quickly distinguished itself in the fitness equipment industry with its premier rowing machines, including the Hydrow Wave, Pro, and Vista models. These machines are not just tools for exercise but gateways to virtual rowing adventures across the globe. Featuring robust build quality and sleek designs, Hydrow rowers come equipped with large, rotating screens that stream thousands of live and on-demand workouts led by world-class athletes, including Olympians and professional rowers. Hydrow's commitment extends beyond hardware to an integrated digital experience. Through their proprietary app, users access a variety of workout formats that go beyond rowing, including yoga, strength training, and circuit training. This holistic approach ensures that users can achieve comprehensive fitness goals, whether they're looking for high-intensity workouts or mindful recovery sessions. The platform's community features enhance motivation, allowing members to participate in challenges and share their progress with fellow rowers. The company's origins trace back to a group of rowing enthusiasts and tech innovates who saw an opportunity to make indoor rowing more dynamic and accessible. Their vision was to create a machine that wasn’t merely functional but also a centerpiece of home fitness, capable of drawing users into a captivating exercise experience. Today, Hydrow’s machines are celebrated not just for their physical benefits but for their ability to immerse users in scenic waterways and landscapes, making each workout an escape rather than a chore. Hydrow also places a strong emphasis on community and sustainability. The brand actively engages in various social responsibility initiatives, aiming to positively impact both the environment and the communities they serve. This forward-thinking approach is evident in their thoughtful design and the company's active role in promoting wellness and active living.

Management Team

Bruce Smith Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Dan Dunn Chief Operating Officer
Adam Craft Chief Production Officer
John Stellato Chief Financial Officer

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