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Huma is a digital health company specializing in remote patient monitoring, virtual wards, and decentralized clinical trials. Their platform enhances patient care and accelerates medical research through advanced AI and data analytics, supporting thousands of hospitals and millions of patients worldwide.

Founded: 2011

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Founded to revolutionize healthcare, Huma leverages advanced technology to improve patient outcomes and streamline medical research. The company offers a comprehensive digital health platform that includes remote patient monitoring, virtual wards, and decentralized clinical trials. This platform utilizes AI and data analytics to provide real-time health insights, enhancing the quality of care and operational efficiency. Huma supports thousands of hospitals and clinics globally, impacting millions of patients. Their solutions nearly double clinical capacity and significantly reduce readmission rates. Notable offerings include companion apps for pharmaceutical and medtech companies, and software as a medical device (SaMD). These tools empower healthcare providers with robust data-driven insights and personalized patient care options. Huma's leadership team comprises experts in healthcare, technology, and business, driving innovation and excellence. The company's collaborations with major institutions like Johns Hopkins, Stanford Medicine, and the University of Cambridge further reinforce its commitment to advancing global health. Recognized with numerous industry awards for digital health, Huma continues to lead in delivering sustainable, impactful healthcare solutions. By integrating AI, big data, and a patient-centric approach, Huma aims to redefine healthcare, making it more efficient, accessible, and effective. Their ongoing partnerships and projects underscore their mission to help people live longer, fuller lives through superior digital health solutions.

Management Team

Dan Vahdat Co-Founder, CEO
Rich Khatib Co-Founder, Executive Director

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