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HouseCanary is a leading AI-powered analytics platform focused on residential real estate, offering data-driven insights for investment, banking, and capital markets. It covers a comprehensive portfolio of properties, enhancing valuation accuracy, investment insights, and portfolio management capabilities.

Founded: 2013

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HouseCanary Company Overview

HouseCanary has established itself as a transformative force in residential real estate through its advanced use of artificial intelligence to deliver extensive analytics and data services. This platform supports a wide range of industry participants, including investors, mortgage lenders, and those in the capital markets, with reliable data for over a hundred million properties nationwide. HouseCanary's product offerings include a Real Estate Data API, Automated Valuation Models, and tailored brokerage services, all designed to ensure high precision in property evaluations and market analytics. The platform's user-friendly tools help streamline operations, enabling clients to make better-informed decisions and efficiently manage their property portfolios. As a hub of innovation and client engagement, HouseCanary continues to play a critical role in enhancing operational efficiencies and profitability for stakeholders in the residential real estate market.

Management Team

Jeremy Sicklick CEO & Co-founder
Chris Stroud Chief of Research & Co-founder
Jeff Somers President & COO
Paul Wehrley President of Consumer
Jim Adams CTO
Carlos Torres General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer
Ryan Kaiser CRO
Kim Broadbeck SVP of People Operations
Tom Blake VP of Investor Platform
Kevin Smith Sr. Director of Product Management
Michael Rodriguez Head of Consumer Product

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