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HOMER is an educational technology company that specializes in early learning for children, offering personalized, interactive learning programs. HOMER uses a research-based approach to foster skills in areas like reading, math, social-emotional learning, and critical thinking, tailored to each child's interests and learning level. Aimed primarily at children aged 2-8, HOMER's engaging content and adaptive learning path provide a fun and effective educational experience, supporting foundational learning during the crucial early years of a child's development.

Management Team

Neal Shenoy Co-founder and Co-CEO
Jim Slack Co-CEO
Abby Weinstein President and COO
Stephanie Dua Co-founder
Lena Krug CTO
Shilpa Shenoy CMO
Noelle Millholt Co-founder, CRO
Jody LeVos Ph.D Chief Learning Officer
John Reale Chief Product Officer
Kendall Baker CFO

Funding Information