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Homebound is a technology-driven homebuilding company that streamlines the construction process, offering customizable and modern homes. They focus on creating personalized living spaces with guaranteed pricing, ensuring homes are built in desirable locations. Homebound guides clients through every step, from choosing a floor plan to moving in, providing regular updates and a comprehensive warranty.

Founded: 2018

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Founded to revolutionize the homebuilding experience, Homebound leverages technology to make building a home easier and more efficient. Homebound offers a unique approach by allowing clients to choose from pre-designed homes or customize their own using their innovative design packages. The company focuses on building homes in sought-after neighborhoods, ensuring prime locations for their clients. Homebound's process is straightforward: clients start by selecting a neighborhood, then choose a floor plan and exterior design. The customization process is quick, and clients can finalize their selections with the sales and design team. Homebound also partners with leading lending institutions to provide attractive financing options. Once a 3% deposit is made, Homebound handles all the details, offering regular progress updates. Their customer experience team ensures a seamless journey from purchase to move-in, including a thorough walkthrough of the home and a 10-year warranty. Additionally, Homebound collaborates with Yardzen to offer exclusive landscape design services, enhancing the overall living experience. This partnership allows clients to access expert design services and a network of vetted contractors for their outdoor spaces. Homebound's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in their streamlined process, high-quality builds, and comprehensive support, making them a leader in the homebuilding industry.

Management Team

Spencer Padgett Head of Construction Operations
Ceci Clarke Construction Services
Kristi Paganini Design
Nikki Pechet Co-Founder, CEO

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