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Hippocratic AI is focused on developing the first safety-oriented LLM for the healthcare industry. The company’s model surpasses traditional benchmarks and incorporates certification, reinforcement learning with healthcare professionals, and an emphasis on bedside manner to provide reliable and empathetic healthcare solutions.

Founded: 2022

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Management Team

Munjal Shah Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Meenesh Bhimani MD Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer
Subho Mukherjee, PhD Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer
Alex Miller Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer
Saad Godil Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Erinne Dyer Chief Revenue Officer
Puneet Thapliyal Chief Security Officer
Kim Parikh Co-Founder, SVP of Data and Content
Debajyoti Datta Co-Founder, AI Research Scientist
Paul Gamble Co-Founder, Director of Clinical AI
Harpreet Mangat Chief of Staff

Funding Information