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Hims is an innovative telehealth company focused on men's wellness and health care, offering direct-to-consumer pharmaceuticals and consultations across the United States. The platform simplifies access to treatments for hair loss, sexual health, mental health, and skincare, emphasizing privacy and convenience without the need for insurance.

Founded: 2017

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hims Company Overview

Hims, Inc. is a prominent player in the telehealth sector, targeting men's health with a comprehensive suite of services designed to address issues like erectile dysfunction, hair loss, mental health, and skincare. The company operates under a direct-to-consumer model, which allows customers to obtain necessary health products and prescriptions directly through its platform, bypassing traditional healthcare barriers. This method enhances user convenience and ensures privacy, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking discreet medical consultations. The platform connects users with licensed medical professionals across all fifty states, offering personalized treatment plans that are delivered discreetly to the customer’s doorstep. Hims stands out by not requiring insurance, instead providing cost-effective solutions with transparent pricing. The ease of access to healthcare professionals and the ability to handle sensitive health issues discreetly has garnered Hims a strong customer base. The company's commitment to high-quality care and customer privacy has positioned it as a leader in the telehealth space, particularly in men's health.

Management Team

Andrew Dudum Founder, CEO
Melissa Waters CMO
Michael Bolen Head of Content
Emily Boschwitz VP of Marketing
Hannah Schaefer Head of Integrated Marketing
Michael Broom Senior Director of Product

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