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Highspot is a leading sales enablement platform that helps businesses manage sales content, train and coach sales teams, and engage buyers effectively. Its AI-driven solutions enhance sales productivity, streamline onboarding, and optimize marketing ROI, supporting businesses in driving revenue growth and improving win rates.

Founded: 2012

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Highspot Company Overview

Highspot was established to transform the sales enablement landscape, offering a robust platform that equips sales teams with essential tools and insights for peak performance. The platform seamlessly integrates sales content management, training, coaching, and buyer engagement, ensuring sales representatives access the most relevant content precisely when needed. By utilizing AI and advanced analytics, Highspot empowers sales reps to engage and convert prospects more efficiently. The product suite includes comprehensive sales plays and playbooks, preparing reps for diverse selling scenarios, and digital sales rooms that offer tailored and memorable experiences for buyers. Highspot also emphasizes extensive training and coaching programs, facilitating swift onboarding and continuous skill enhancement for sales teams. Highspot's clients often experience notable improvements in key metrics such as win rates, pipeline generation, and quota attainment, along with reduced ramp time for new sales reps. This success is driven by the platform’s strategic and operational rigor, which helps businesses achieve consistent sales execution and meet revenue objectives. One of Highspot's key strengths is its ability to integrate seamlessly within existing tech stacks, enhancing its value proposition for enterprises globally. By centralizing essential sales functions, Highspot allows for a more streamlined, efficient workflow that supports the overall productivity and effectiveness of sales teams. Committed to innovation, Highspot continuously refines its offerings to meet the evolving needs of the sales enablement industry. This dedication ensures that sales teams are not only well-prepared but also highly adaptable in dynamic market conditions. Through its advanced solutions, Highspot aims to transform sales teams into high-performing units capable of delivering exceptional business outcomes.

Management Team

Robert Wahbe CEO
Oliver Sharp Chief Solution Architect
David Wortendyke Chief Product Officer
Haley Katsman VP, Revenue Strategy & Account Development
Peter Oehlert Chief Security Officer
Matt Weil VP, Worldwide Sales
Gwen Sheridan VP, Customer Services
Jon Perera CMO
Jennifer Palecki VP, People
Jason Hoover VP, Design
Chris Larson CFO
Jake Braly VP, Strategic Alliances & Partner Sales
Jon White VP, Product
Matt Boisen General Counsel

Notable Investors

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