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HighRadius is a leading provider of AI-driven autonomous finance solutions for the office of the CFO. The company specializes in order-to-cash, treasury, and record-to-report processes, offering tools for collections management, cash application, deductions management, credit management, electronic invoicing, and more. HighRadius serves a wide range of industries and is trusted by hundreds of global businesses for optimizing financial operations and improving efficiency.

Founded: 2006

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HighRadius is a premier provider of AI-powered autonomous finance solutions tailored for the office of the CFO, focusing on automating financial processes in order-to-cash (O2C), treasury, and record-to-report (R2R). Headquartered in Houston, Texas, HighRadius offers a comprehensive suite of products, including collections management, cash application, deductions management, credit management, electronic invoicing, and financial analytics. HighRadius’s Integrated Receivables platform automates and optimizes the accounts receivable process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. The Treasury Management suite provides tools for precise cash forecasting and efficient treasury operations, while the B2B Payments platform facilitates secure, efficient payment processing. Leveraging advanced AI, HighRadius solutions enable real-time decision-making and minimize manual intervention, improving overall financial performance. Serving a diverse range of industries, including consumer packaged goods, industrial manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and pharmaceuticals, HighRadius has become a trusted partner for global businesses seeking to modernize their financial operations. The company has successfully implemented thousands of finance transformation projects, processing trillions of dollars in transactions annually. HighRadius's commitment to innovation and excellence has positioned it as a leader in the autonomous finance sector, helping organizations achieve greater operational efficiency and effectiveness in their financial processes.

Management Team

Sashi Narahari President, CEO
Sayid Shabeer Chief Product Officer
Nathan Rader Vice President, VP Enterprise Sales
Jon Keating Vice President and General Manager, EMEA
Jared Lane Vice President, Digital Transformation
Urvish Vashi COO
Carlos Damasceno Senior Vice President, Consulting
Stella Tran Vice President, People and Culture
Dane Jones Chief Information Security Officer
Bhanu Bobba Managing Director, India

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