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HiBob is a leading HR technology company providing a modern HR platform, Bob, designed to streamline HR processes and improve employee engagement. The platform offers comprehensive solutions for core HR functions, onboarding, performance management, and analytics, supporting global businesses in enhancing productivity and compliance.

Founded: 2015

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HiBob Company Overview

HiBob aims to revolutionize the HR industry with its innovative platform, Bob. HiBob was established with a vision to create an HRIS that fosters employee engagement and enhances organizational efficiency. Bob offers a wide range of features, including core HR management, onboarding, performance evaluation, time and attendance tracking, compensation management, and advanced analytics. The platform is highly customizable and integrates with leading payroll providers, ensuring seamless HR operations. Bob's user-friendly interface is designed to cater to all employees, from executives to individual contributors, making it easy to use and encouraging widespread adoption. With offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Berlin, and Lisbon, HiBob serves a global clientele, including fast-growing companies and established enterprises. HiBob's platform is praised for its agility and configurability, helping businesses adapt to changing needs and ensuring compliance. By providing rich data and insights through its analytics features, Bob enables HR departments to make informed decisions that drive business success. The platform also includes engagement tools that foster communication and connection among employees, promoting a sense of belonging in remote and hybrid work environments. Overall, HiBob's Bob platform is a comprehensive HR solution that empowers businesses to manage their workforce efficiently, enhance employee experience, and achieve strategic goals.

Management Team

Ronni Zehavi CEO, Co-Founder
Israel David CTO, Co-Founder
Nirit Peled-Muntz Chief People Officer
David Sussely CFO
Ze’ev Rozov COO
Paul Zeiter Chief Revenue Officer
Adi Janowitz Chief Customer Officer

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