HEAVY.AI is a cutting-edge analytics and location intelligence platform designed for high-speed processing and visualization of vast datasets. Specializing in sectors like telecom, energy, and public utilities, HEAVY.AI leverages modern GPU and CPU hardware to enable decision-making over billions of records without performance lag, integrating interactive visual analytics and SQL with advanced data science frameworks.

Founded: 2013

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HEAVY.AI Company Overview

Founded as a response to the growing demand for rapid, large-scale data analysis, HEAVY.AI offers a robust solution that combines analytics, data science, and location intelligence on a single platform. Initially designed to handle immense quantities of geospatial and time-series data, HEAVY.AI empowers industries such as telecommunications, energy, public sector, and utilities to perform complex analyses and visualize insights in real time. The core of HEAVY.AI's offering is its ability to provide interactive visual analytics that are significantly accelerated by modern GPU and CPU technology. This capability allows users to explore massive datasets and extract actionable insights quickly, a critical feature for industries where time-sensitive decisions are crucial. The platform supports a wide range of applications from emergency response management to customer behavior analysis, making it versatile across various use cases. HEAVY.AI also features HeavyIQ, a conversational AI that enables users to ask questions about their data in natural language, facilitating easier access to data insights. This tool is part of HEAVY.AI’s broader strategy to make data analytics more user-friendly and accessible. The company prides itself on its scalable architecture that can handle the demands of both large enterprises and public institutions. This scalability is reflected in their diverse client base, which includes major names in various industries who rely on HEAVY.AI for real-time data processing and analysis. Leadership at HEAVY.AI is comprised of veterans from the tech and data science industries, who bring a wealth of experience and a shared vision of democratizing data analytics through technological innovation. The company's mission goes beyond commercial success; it aims to empower communities and industries to utilize data for sustainable and impactful decisions, evidenced by initiatives like HeavyEco, which focuses on using data to manage environmental challenges. With a commitment to continuous improvement and customer support, HEAVY.AI also offers extensive documentation and a community forum to support its users, ensuring they can leverage the full power of the platform. As the company grows, it continues to innovate, focusing on expanding its technology to meet the evolving needs of data-intensive environments.

Management Team

Jon Kondo CEO
Todd Mostak CTO, Founder
Gayle Grasso CCO

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