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Health IQ specializes in providing personalized Medicare insurance services. The company focuses on helping seniors make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage by offering expert guidance and comparing plans from various national carriers. Additionally, Health IQ offers interactive health-related apps to promote a healthier lifestyle among its users.

Founded: 2013

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Founded with the mission to empower seniors, Health IQ is dedicated to transforming how the healthcare system views and treats older adults. The company provides tailored Medicare insurance solutions, ensuring that each individual receives the coverage best suited to their unique needs. By comparing over 3,000 plans from well-known national carriers, Health IQ simplifies the often complex process of choosing the right Medicare plan. Health IQ's offerings extend beyond insurance services. They have developed innovative health-related apps, such as the Health IQ Quiz and SharpSenior™ Quiz, designed to encourage and track healthy lifestyle habits among users. These apps not only make learning about health engaging but also provide valuable insights into cognitive health and general well-being. Key to Health IQ's approach is their commitment to personalized service. Their licensed insurance agents provide expert advice and guidance, ensuring that every client fully understands their options and can make informed decisions about their healthcare. This dedication to customer service is reflected in the numerous positive testimonials from satisfied clients. Health IQ has garnered recognition from several major media outlets, including Bloomberg, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal, further establishing its reputation as a trusted leader in Medicare insurance services. Operating out of Plano, Texas, Health IQ continues to advocate for seniors, promoting health literacy and better healthcare outcomes through their comprehensive and personalized approach to Medicare insurance.

Management Team

Munjal Shah CEO & Co-founder
Vishal Parikh Co-founder
Chander Sudanthi Co-founder & VP of Engineering
Alex Miller Co-founder & VP of Product
Gaurav Suri President & Chief Business Officer
Raj Vavilala CMO
Tom Scales COO
Tom Schollmeyer CTO
Sharmila Patel CFO

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