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HeadSpin provides an advanced platform for automated and manual testing, leveraging data science insights to enhance digital experiences. It offers solutions for performance monitoring, regression testing, and user experience optimization across various devices and platforms, ensuring high availability and reduced downtime.

Founded: 2015

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HeadSpin is a leading provider of testing and performance optimization solutions. The company's platform combines automated and manual testing with advanced data science to deliver comprehensive insights into digital experiences. HeadSpin supports a wide range of devices and platforms, including mobile, desktop, media, audio, and automotive, enabling businesses to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction. The HeadSpin Platform's key capabilities include end-to-end automation of the quality assurance (QA) process, comparative performance analysis, and continuous monitoring using synthetic data. This allows businesses to identify and address issues proactively, ensuring zero end-user disruptions and seamless digital experiences. HeadSpin's platform is designed to be developer-friendly, making it easy to integrate into existing workflows and enhancing productivity. HeadSpin offers additional products such as the Audio-Visual Platform for media testing and Regression Intelligence for automated regression issue resolution. The company also provides a "Create Your Own Lab" option, allowing businesses to utilize their own device infrastructure for testing purposes. Key benefits of using HeadSpin include faster product release cycles, reduced production issues, and improved user retention. The platform's AI-enabled insights help businesses quickly triage and reproduce issues on real devices, perform root cause analysis, and gather valuable experience data. HeadSpin is trusted by global enterprises across various industries for its ability to deliver reliable and secure testing solutions, backed by SOC 2 compliance. With a focus on innovation and customer success, HeadSpin continues to be a critical tool for engineering, DevOps, site reliability engineering (SRE), and executive teams, providing the necessary tools and insights to enhance digital experiences and maintain competitive advantage.

Management Team

Rajeev Butani CEO
Brien Colwell Co-founder & CTO
Paul Velich Chief Business Officer
Laurent Cordier Chief Revenue Officer

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