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Headspace is a leading mindfulness and wellness platform offering a range of services aimed at improving mental health through meditation, sleep assistance, and mindfulness exercises. Geared towards individuals and businesses alike, the app promotes mental well-being with a variety of guided meditations, sleep sounds, and more, making daily mental health practices accessible and manageable.

Founded: 2010

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Headspace Company Overview

Founded by Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson, Headspace started as an events company in 2010 before transitioning to its current digital platform. The service primarily offers guided meditations, sleep aids, and workouts designed to improve users' mental and physical health. Its user-friendly app provides structured courses on topics ranging from stress management to sleep hygiene, tailored for both beginners and advanced users. Headspace has grown into a globally recognized brand, securing its place in the competitive wellness app market by prioritizing user-friendly design and expert-led content. The platform extends its services to businesses, providing tailored wellness plans that integrate with workplace productivity tools. This B2B offering is part of Headspace's broader mission to improve health outcomes at scale. Additionally, the company has expanded its reach through partnerships with various organizations, including a notable collaboration with Spotify, integrating mindfulness practices with music and audio experiences. The success of Headspace is reflected in its extensive user base, which spans over 60 countries, underlining the universal appeal of its mental health resources. The platform's focus on scientific backing for its practices ensures that it remains a trusted source for users looking to enhance their mental well-being. As Headspace continues to innovate, it maintains its leading position in the digital wellness space, underscoring its significance in the health technology industry.

Management Team

Richard Pierson CEO
CeCe Morken President & COO
Sam Rogoway Chief Media Officer
Paul Pow Chief of Staff
Lindsay Soergel Chief Business Officer
Rick Jensen Chief People & Places Officer
Megan Jones Bell Chief Strategy & Science Officer
Paddy Hannon CTO
Sean Brecker CFO
Caroline Pay CCO

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