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Hazelcast provides a unified real-time data platform designed for instant action and AI applications. By integrating distributed computing and fast data storage, Hazelcast enables organizations to process billions of events per second with minimal latency, enhancing resilience, scalability, and performance.

Founded: 2012

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Hazelcast, founded to meet the growing demand for real-time data processing, offers a robust platform that integrates distributed computing with fast data storage. The company's key products, Hazelcast IMDG (In-Memory Data Grid) and Hazelcast Jet, cater to both real-time streaming and batch processing needs. Hazelcast IMDG allows for scalable in-memory data storage and computation, while Hazelcast Jet provides a high-performance stream processing engine. These tools support event-driven architectures and AI/ML automation, significantly reducing total cost of ownership by minimizing hardware requirements and simplifying data management. Designed for high throughput and low latency, the platform processes billions of events per second, ensuring resilience and scalability. Hazelcast is widely used across various industries, including finance, retail, and automotive, where real-time processing is crucial for applications like payment processing, fraud detection, and personalized customer experiences. By enabling instant action on data, Hazelcast helps organizations modernize their infrastructure, enhance operational efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. Hazelcast’s versatility makes it a critical tool for enterprises aiming to maintain competitiveness in a data-driven market. Its ability to handle massive data volumes with minimal latency is pivotal for applications requiring real-time analysis and decision-making. Moreover, Hazelcast’s focus on reducing total cost of ownership and improving performance through efficient data management aligns with the needs of modern enterprises seeking to leverage AI and data analytics for business growth. Hazelcast’s real-time data platform stands out for its performance, scalability, and ease of use, making it an essential solution for businesses that require instant data processing capabilities to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced digital economy.

Management Team

Kelly Herrell CEO
Manish Devgan Chief Product Officer
Karen Smith Chief Revenue Officer
Dave Salverson CFO
John DesJardins Chief Solutions Officer
Tamzyn Furse Chief People Officer
Eric Bochner Chief Legal Officer, VP Corporate Development

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