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Harry's is a premium provider of men's grooming products, renowned for its high-quality shaving supplies offered at honest prices. The company stands out for its commitment to delivering exceptional shave and skincare products directly to consumers, ensuring a seamless and convenient shopping experience with a focus on customer satisfaction and product accessibility.

Founded: 2013

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Harry's Company Overview

Founded in 2013, Harry's has rapidly evolved into a key player in the men's grooming industry, particularly known for its shaving products. The company was established by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider with the mission to provide a superior shaving experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional brands. This vision was sparked by Katz-Mayfield’s frustrating experience with overpriced razor blades, which led to the creation of Harry's with a direct-to-consumer model that bypasses traditional retail channels. Harry's product line includes razors, face care products, and shaving accessories designed to cater to the various needs of men’s daily grooming routines. Their razors are crafted using German-engineered blade technology, which ensures a close and comfortable shave. Beyond razors, their product range has expanded to include skincare items such as face washes, lotions, and post-shave balms, all formulated to provide gentle and effective care for men's skin. The founders, Katz-Mayfield and Raider, who also co-founded Warby Parker, brought their expertise in disrupting traditional industries to Harry's. Their approach combines meticulous craftsmanship with innovative distribution and marketing strategies. For example, Harry's has implemented a subscription service that delivers new blades and grooming products to customers’ doorsteps at scheduled intervals, enhancing convenience and brand loyalty. Harry's also places a strong emphasis on social responsibility. A portion of its profits is dedicated to charitable organizations that support mental health causes, particularly those focusing on men. This commitment to social welfare is integral to the brand's identity and resonates deeply with its customer base. Harry's continues to make significant strides in the men's grooming market by offering affordable, high-quality products while maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction and social responsibility. Their direct-to-consumer approach not only ensures competitive pricing but also fosters a direct relationship with their customers, setting them apart in the industry.

Management Team

Jeffrey Raider Co-Founder, Co-CEO
Andy Katz-Mayfield Co-Founder, Co-CEO
Will Freund COO
Jaime Crespo GM

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