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Harness.io is a comprehensive software delivery platform that caters to the modern demands of CI/CD, feature flags, cloud cost management, and more. It empowers organizations to streamline their DevOps practices with innovative tools for automation, security integration, and performance optimization. Trusted by leading global companies, Harness.io enhances developer experiences and drives efficient, secure software development cycles.

Founded: 2017

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Founded to address the complexities of software delivery, Harness.io offers a robust suite of tools designed to enhance the efficiency and security of developing and deploying software. With a strong focus on Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), Harness integrates advanced features such as GitOps, feature flags, and infrastructure as code management. These tools help organizations automate their workflows, improve reliability, and accelerate time to market. Harness.io's platform is distinguished by its AI capabilities, notably through AIDA™, the AI Development Assistant that aids in various stages of the software delivery lifecycle, including code building, testing, and deployment. This AI-driven approach ensures that organizations can manage their software supply chain securely and efficiently, while also optimizing cloud costs and resources. Security is a pivotal aspect of the Harness offering, with tools designed to orchestrate security testing and ensure software supply chain assurance. By integrating security early in the development process, Harness helps teams mitigate risks and adhere to compliance requirements seamlessly. In addition to its technological solutions, Harness.io is supported by case studies from major global companies, demonstrating significant improvements in deployment times and operational efficiencies. These case studies underscore the platform's ability to meet the complex needs of large enterprises in various industries. This blend of advanced technology, customer-focused innovations, and proven success makes Harness.io a compelling choice for organizations aiming to excel in software delivery.

Management Team

Jyoti Bansal Co-founder & CEO
Rishi Singh Co-founder & CTO
Steve Burton CMO
John Bonney CFO

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