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HappyCo is a cutting-edge property management platform focused on revolutionizing maintenance operations in the multifamily housing sector. By leveraging artificial intelligence through their proprietary system, JoyAI, HappyCo offers solutions that enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and improve resident satisfaction. Their platform integrates seamlessly with existing property management systems, providing a robust suite of tools designed to streamline inspections, maintenance, and overall property management.

Founded: 2011

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Founded with a vision to innovate property management through technology, HappyCo has positioned itself as a leader in the multifamily housing industry by centralizing maintenance operations with AI-driven solutions. Their flagship product, JoyAI, is an AI assistant that enhances maintenance workflows by automating task management, optimizing inventory tracking, and providing real-time updates to maintenance teams and residents alike. HappyCo's platform caters to a diverse range of roles within the property management sector, including owners, managers, and on-site technicians, ensuring that each stakeholder has the tools they need to succeed. The platform's capabilities include facilitating detailed property inspections, managing capital expenditures and renovations, and providing comprehensive asset management solutions, all designed to maximize operational efficiency and resident satisfaction. The company's innovative approach to property management has garnered significant attention and adoption across the industry, leading to partnerships with major property management software providers. This integration capability allows HappyCo's clients to enhance their existing property management systems with advanced analytics and automated processes, thereby reducing manual efforts and increasing accuracy. HappyCo also places a strong emphasis on community and customer success, offering extensive support and educational resources through HappyCo University and various customer advisory boards. These initiatives help clients seamlessly integrate HappyCo's solutions into their operations and continue to evolve their practices in line with industry advancements. By continuously developing and refining their technology, HappyCo remains at the forefront of the property management industry, offering solutions that not only meet the current demands of property management professionals but also anticipate future challenges and opportunities in the multifamily sector.

Management Team

Jindou Lee Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Justin Morrison Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer Tyson Chief Operating Officer
Andrew Mackenzie-Ross Chief Technology Officer
Ben Nowacky Chief Product Officer

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