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Handshake is a leading career platform designed to connect students with job opportunities across a wide range of industries. Supported by a network of over 1,500 educational institutions and 900,000 employers, Handshake offers tailored job recommendations, direct engagement with recruiters, and extensive career development resources. It's a vital tool for students looking to launch their careers in a competitive job market.

Founded: 2014

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Founded to bridge the gap between education and employment, Handshake serves as a comprehensive career platform that significantly enhances how students and recent graduates connect with potential employers. This platform supports over 15 million students from more than 1,500 universities and colleges across the United States. Handshake's innovative approach involves a deep integration with university career centers, allowing students to access personalized job recommendations and career advice directly tailored to their academic profiles and career aspirations. Handshake provides a dynamic environment where students can engage directly with employers through messaging and virtual networking events. This setup not only facilitates a smoother transition into the workforce but also offers employers a chance to tap into a rich pool of emerging talent. The platform is enriched with features like career fairs, resume-building workshops, and detailed insights into various job roles and industries, all aimed at equipping students with the tools they need to succeed. Moreover, Handshake leverages powerful algorithms to offer personalized job alerts and recommendations based on individual profiles and career interests. This ensures that students receive relevant opportunities that align with their skills and career goals, making job searches more targeted and efficient. The platform's ease of use, combined with its comprehensive support system, makes it an indispensable resource for students navigating the complexities of job hunting in today's market. For employers, Handshake offers a streamlined avenue to discover and recruit fresh talent, enhanced by features that allow them to manage recruitment campaigns, engage with potential candidates, and build brand awareness among the student population. This dual focus on student career development and employer recruitment needs cements Handshake's position as a pivotal player in the modern job market landscape.

Management Team

Garrett Lord Co-founder & CEO
Jonathan Stull COO
Asif Makhani CTO
Luke Baxter Chief Product Officer
Valerie Capers Workman CLO
Christine Cruzvergara Chief Education Strategy Officer

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