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HackerOne is a leading security platform that engages a global community of ethical hackers to help businesses strengthen their cyber defenses. Through its comprehensive suite of services including vulnerability disclosure programs, bug bounties, and penetration testing, HackerOne offers proactive and continuous security testing solutions. The platform is designed to harness the collective expertise of its community to identify and resolve security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, making it an invaluable resource for companies looking to bolster their cybersecurity posture.

Founded: 2012

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HackerOne Company Overview

Founded by security leaders from the technology and consulting sectors, HackerOne has established itself as the premier platform for cybersecurity services by leveraging the skills of over a million ethical hackers. Its core offerings include Pentest as a Service (PaaS), which provides continuous, on-demand penetration tests, and the HackerOne Bounty program, which incentivizes the discovery and reporting of vulnerabilities through financial rewards. HackerOne also offers a Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP), allowing companies to manage and resolve security issues reported by independent researchers. Additionally, the platform includes unique services like time-bound offensive testing and code security audits, which help in identifying critical vulnerabilities in software applications. Key industries served by HackerOne include automotive, financial services, healthcare, and government, with notable clients such as General Motors and the U.S. Department of Defense. The platform's impact is evidenced by its resolution of hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities, underscoring its essential role in the cybersecurity ecosystem. With a commitment to transparency and trust, HackerOne continues to expand its services and influence, providing both robust security solutions and a platform for ethical hackers to contribute to a safer internet.

Management Team

Mårten Mickos CEO
Alex Rice Co-Founder and CTO
Liz Brittain CFO
Michiel Prins Co-Founder and Product
Jobert Abma Co-Founder and Engineering
Marjorie Janiewicz SVP of Sales
Tim DaRosa SVP of Marketing
Alex Bekker VP of Engineering
Jeff McBride VP of Customer Success
Deborah Chang VP of Business Development and Policy

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