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H2O.ai is a leader in AI and machine learning, delivering a robust AI cloud platform that accelerates the deployment of deep learning and predictive analytics solutions across various industries. With a commitment to democratizing AI, H2O.ai provides advanced AI tools like Driverless AI, H2O-3, and comprehensive AI solutions for sectors including healthcare, financial services, and marketing.

Founded: 2012

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H2O.ai Company Overview

H2O.ai, founded by CEO Sri Ambati, aims to democratize artificial intelligence through its robust AI cloud platform and sophisticated machine learning tools. The company's flagship products include H2O Driverless AI, which automates many aspects of machine learning, and H2O-3, an open-source framework that enables distributed machine learning. H2O.ai emphasizes making advanced AI technologies accessible, offering intuitive tools that require minimal programming skills, which enhances usability across various industries. The company is renowned for its dedication to open-source initiatives and fostering a community-driven approach, which encourages innovation and continuous enhancement of their offerings. This ethos supports a dynamic ecosystem around H2O.ai's products, propelling advancements in technology and application. Their solutions are designed to serve a wide array of industries, from delivering predictive analytics in financial services to enabling real-time medical diagnostics in healthcare. H2O.ai’s commitment to innovation and accessibility in AI makes it a key player in pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve in practical, real-world applications.

Management Team

Sri Ambati Founder, CEO
Arno Candel CTO
Ingrid Burton Chief Marketing Officer
Jon Oslowski CFO
David Armstrong SVP Global Sales
Das Narayanan VP People
Michal Malohlava VP Engineering
Venkatesh Yadav VP Customer Success

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