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GWI is a top-tier consumer research platform providing in-depth insights into online behaviors and audience preferences. It offers businesses extensive profiling points to optimize marketing strategies and make data-driven decisions. GWI's innovative tools help brands understand and engage with their target markets effectively, ensuring they stay ahead of trends and enhance campaign performance.

GWI Company Overview

GWI, known as Global Web Index, was founded to offer unparalleled insights into consumer behavior across diverse markets. As a leading platform for market research and audience analysis, GWI aggregates extensive data to help businesses make informed, data-driven decisions. The platform's comprehensive database includes a multitude of profiling points that span a wide array of interests, behaviors, and values. GWI's core products, such as GWI Core and GWI USA, deliver detailed insights into global and American online audiences, respectively. Other specialized offerings like GWI Kids, GWI Alcohol, and GWI Gaming provide targeted data for specific demographics and industries. Additionally, GWI offers custom research solutions, enabling businesses to tailor their studies to meet unique requirements. The platform's user-friendly design allows clients to access real-time insights, optimize their media buying, and craft resonant messages for their target audiences. By offering sector-specific insights, GWI helps businesses stay ahead of trends in various industries, including automotive, consumer technology, luxury, sports, and travel. Trusted by some of the world's leading brands, GWI's data aids in enhancing campaign performance, improving organic visibility, and driving high-quality leads. The company also emphasizes strong customer support, ensuring clients receive the necessary assistance to leverage the platform's full potential. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to quality, GWI maintains its position at the forefront of consumer research, empowering businesses to effectively understand and engage with their audiences.

Management Team

Tom Smith CEO, Founder
Carrie Seifer Chief Customer Officer
Bex Campbell CPO
James Franks CFO
James Scott CRO
Jason Mander Chief Research Officer

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