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Gupshup is a leading conversational engagement platform that empowers businesses to interact with customers through AI-driven tools. It enhances customer acquisition, engagement, and support by enabling personalized and secure communication across multiple digital channels. Serving tens of thousands of brands worldwide, Gupshup's platform integrates advanced AI, CRM, and CX tools to streamline and enrich customer interactions, fostering seamless and meaningful connections.

Gupshup Company Overview

Founded to transform customer engagement, Gupshup is an advanced conversational platform designed to enhance business interactions through AI-driven tools. The company provides a suite of solutions that facilitate personalized communication, improving customer acquisition, engagement, and support. Gupshup’s key offerings include tools for creating and managing automated campaigns, building sophisticated chatbots, and assisting customer service agents with AI-driven responses. Serving over 45,000 brands in more than 60 countries, Gupshup processes over 10 billion messages monthly, highlighting its capacity to manage large-scale communication needs. The platform integrates AI, CRM, and customer experience tools, streamlining interactions across digital channels. Industry-specific solutions address the unique needs of sectors such as banking, retail, healthcare, and travel, ensuring tailored engagement strategies that drive business growth. The company’s leadership team, composed of experienced professionals in technology and customer engagement, spearheads innovation, continually enhancing the platform’s capabilities. Gupshup places a strong emphasis on data security and privacy, providing enterprise-grade protection for customer information. Gupshup's omnichannel capabilities allow businesses to connect with customers on their preferred platforms, fostering meaningful interactions. By leveraging advanced conversational AI, Gupshup helps businesses create engaging, personalized customer experiences, transforming traditional customer service into proactive and interactive engagements. The platform’s comprehensive approach ensures that businesses can effectively manage customer journeys, from initial contact through ongoing support, driving loyalty and satisfaction.

Management Team

Beerud Sheth CEO, Co-Founder
Ravi Sundararajan COO
Gaurav Kachhawa Chief Product Officer
Krishnamurthy Tammana CTO
Amit Shrivastav CFO

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