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Guild Education partners with leading companies to provide tuition-free education, skill development, and career mobility for their employees. By working with renowned organizations, Guild helps businesses retain talent, promote internal mobility, and foster diversity and inclusion.

Founded: 2015

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Guild Education seeks to transform the workforce through its innovative Career Opportunity Platform™, which provides tuition-free education and skill development opportunities to employees of partnering companies. The platform aims to bridge the gap between employers and educational institutions, facilitating workforce development and career advancement. Guild’s extensive network of accredited universities and learning providers offers a wide range of programs, from high school completion to advanced degrees, tailored to meet the diverse needs of adult learners. Guild’s model benefits both employees and employers. For employees, it offers accessible education and career mobility, enabling them to gain new skills, achieve personal growth, and pursue higher-value roles within their organizations. For employers, Guild helps in enhancing employee retention, promoting internal mobility, and fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce. Companies that partner with Guild see improved employee engagement and loyalty, as workers are more likely to remain with employers who invest in their education and career development. Guild’s impact is evident across various industries, including healthcare, retail, and finance, where the need for skilled and adaptable workers is critical. By providing opportunities for continuous learning and professional growth, Guild addresses the evolving demands of the modern workplace. The platform’s emphasis on inclusivity ensures that education and career advancement are accessible to all employees, particularly those from underrepresented groups. Through its commitment to education and career development, Guild Education is paving the way for a future where continuous learning is integral to workforce success. By partnering with businesses to offer innovative educational benefits, Guild supports the creation of a more skilled, adaptable, and motivated workforce, poised to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing economic landscape. The company’s efforts are crucial in building a culture of growth and opportunity within the modern workplace, making lifelong learning a reality for many.

Management Team

Brittany Stich Co-Founder, Vice President of Learning at Work
Rachel Carlson Co-Founder, CEO
Chris Romer Head of University and Strategic Partnerships
Mae Podesta VP of Finance and Strategy

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