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GrubMarket is a technology-driven enterprise specializing in the digital transformation of the food supply chain across the United States and Canada. This innovative company offers a robust platform for buying wholesale food products, delivers farm-fresh food to consumers at competitive prices, and provides cutting-edge software solutions aimed at enhancing operational efficiency within the food industry.

Founded: 2014

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GrubMarket stands at the forefront of the food technology sector, primarily serving the North American market. Its mission is to revolutionize the traditional food supply chain through digital innovation, making high-quality food accessible to a broad range of customers including grocers, schools, government bodies, and restaurants. With operations spanning multiple states and provinces such as Arizona, California, and British Columbia, GrubMarket is rapidly expanding its influence. GrubMarket's business model is distinguished by its dual approach: direct-to-consumer services and business-to-business solutions. For consumers, it offers the convenience of home deliveries of farm-fresh products at prices significantly lower than typical grocery stores. For businesses, it provides a comprehensive suite of AI-powered software tools that cover essential aspects like inventory management, warehouse operations, and eCommerce. These tools are designed to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction, leveraging enterprise AI to deliver deep insights and intelligent analysis. Furthermore, GrubMarket's commitment to sustainability is evident in its "Sustainable California" initiative, which aims to support and sustain the agricultural ecosystem in California through various environmentally-friendly practices and community-focused activities. The company has also been a pioneer in integrating AI into the food supply chain, offering unique solutions that empower stakeholders with advanced analytics and operational capabilities. GrubMarket is not just addressing immediate market needs but is also setting the stage for future innovations that could redefine food commerce and distribution globally.

Management Team

Mike Xu Founder, CEO, President
Shih-Chieh Tao CTO
Kathy Xu CFO

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