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Grover offers flexible tech rental services, allowing customers to rent a wide range of devices, including smartphones, laptops, cameras, and gaming equipment. With rental periods ranging from one month to over two years, Grover provides quality-checked, new or like-new devices, along with comprehensive damage coverage through Grover Care. This service emphasizes sustainability by refurbishing and recirculating returned devices.

Founded: 2015

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Grover allows customers to rent a variety of tech devices flexibly. The company's offerings include smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, gaming consoles, and smart home devices. Customers can choose rental periods from as short as one month to over two years, providing both short-term flexibility and long-term affordability. Grover ensures that all devices are either new or like-new, having undergone rigorous quality checks. Grover's service model is built on simplicity and user convenience. Customers can browse and select their desired tech, complete a quick checkout process that includes a credit check, and receive their devices promptly. The company also offers Grover Care, a damage coverage plan that protects rented devices, enhancing customer confidence and satisfaction. A significant aspect of Grover's mission is its commitment to sustainability. The company refurbishes and recirculates returned devices, ensuring they are wiped of all data, cleaned, repaired, and made available for new rentals. This approach not only extends the lifecycle of tech products but also supports a circular economy, reducing electronic waste. Grover's customer-centric approach and innovative rental model have attracted hundreds of thousands of customers, showcasing the demand for flexible, affordable access to the latest technology. Through its comprehensive services and dedication to sustainability, Grover aims to make high-quality tech accessible to everyone, promoting smarter consumption and a greener future.

Management Team

Michael Cassau Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Antoniolo Chief Financial Officer
Robert Shields Head of US Operations
Achille Mollon Global Head of Pricing & Category Management
Sebastian Fritz Head of Business Development
Michael Kostadinovich Chief Technology Officer

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