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Group14 Technologies is a leading commercial manufacturer of advanced silicon battery technology. The company’s flagship product, SCC55™, enhances battery performance, offering faster charging and longer lifespan compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. Group14 is pivotal in driving the transition to renewable energy by revolutionizing battery capabilities for electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and more.

Group 14 Technologies Company Overview

Founded to address the limitations of conventional lithium-ion batteries, Group14 Technologies is at the forefront of the silicon battery industry. The company is headquartered in Woodinville, Washington, and specializes in the development and commercialization of SCC55™, a revolutionary silicon-carbon composite. This material significantly enhances battery performance by enabling faster charging and extending battery lifespan by up to 50%, a critical innovation for electric vehicles, consumer electronics, aerospace, and other industries. Group14’s mission is to eliminate the barriers to widespread adoption of electric power by improving battery efficiency and sustainability. The SCC55™ technology is instrumental in reducing charge anxiety and boosting overall battery performance, contributing significantly to the global shift towards renewable energy solutions. Collaborating with leading industry partners, Group14 leverages cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities to meet the increasing demand for high-performance batteries. Their technology not only improves the performance metrics of batteries but also plays a crucial role in the electrification of various sectors, aligning with global efforts to transition to cleaner energy. The company's pioneering approach includes a robust focus on sustainability, aiming to support the move away from fossil fuels. By enhancing battery capabilities, Group14’s innovations facilitate the broader application of electric power in transportation, consumer electronics, and more, thus fostering a sustainable future. Group14's position as a leader in the battery technology revolution is reinforced by its commitment to addressing key challenges in the energy sector. Their advanced solutions are critical in paving the way for a new era of energy storage and utilization, highlighting their role in the development of efficient, high-performance, and sustainable battery technology. With ongoing advancements and strategic partnerships, Group14 Technologies continues to shape the future of energy storage, positioning itself as a vital player in the transition to a more sustainable and electrified world.

Management Team

Eric Luebbe CEO, Co-Founder
Henry Costantino CTO, Co-Founder
Mike Willis CFO
Grant Ray VP, Global Market Strategy
Chris Piercy VP, Business Development
Chris Timmons VP, Engineering

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