Gropyrus Stock

Gropyrus designs and develops buildings intended to offer affordable, smart, and sustainable buildings for everyone. The company provides resource-efficient and affordable housing for people, with a focus on design for manufacturing and regenerative material usage, enabling customers to have access to sustainable living spaces at affordable prices.

Management Team

Markus Fuhrmann Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Alexandra Wittmann Chief Financial Officer
Ulrich Lewerenz Chief Operating Officer
Philipp Erler Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Managing Director
Michael Menz Chief Administrative Officer
Bernd Oswald Co-Founder, Chief Production Officer & Vice President of Business Development
Alexander Fuhrmann Co-Founder & Vice President, Corporate Development
Harald Mahrer Co-Founder & Vice Chairman of Supervisory Board
Florian Fritsch Co-Founder

Funding Information