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Greenlight is a financial technology company that provides a family-friendly debit card designed to teach children how to manage money effectively. Their services include parental controls for monitoring and guiding children's spending habits, automated allowance payments, and savings goals to promote financial literacy from a young age.

Founded: 2014

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Greenlight Company Overview

Founded by Tim Sheehan and Johnson Cook, Greenlight aims to empower parents to raise financially-smart kids. Their flagship product, the Greenlight debit card, allows parents to allocate money to their children's accounts, monitor spending, and set store-level spending controls. Additionally, the app includes educational features that help children learn about earning, saving, spending, and investing. Greenlight has also introduced investment opportunities for kids, with parental oversight, making it unique in the market of financial products for children. This feature supports stocks and ETF trading, providing a practical platform for children to engage with real-world financial markets under parental guidance. The company has rapidly gained popularity, securing significant investment from major venture capital firms, indicating strong market confidence in its mission and business model.

Management Team

Brian Dong Chief Financial Officer
Chris Halaschek Chief Product Officer
Cristin Morneau Chief Privacy Officer
Ashley Noto Chief of Staff and SVP of Strategy
Sameera Rao Chief Technology Officer
Doug Spear Chief Legal Officer
Ben Swartwout Chief People Officer
Will Yu Chief Operating Officer

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