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Graphiant is a pioneering tech company based in Silicon Valley that revolutionizes enterprise connectivity through its Network Edge service. Offering a next-generation "as-a-Service" model, Graphiant provides a scalable, secure, and fast connectivity solution that integrates seamlessly with enterprise WAN, hybrid cloud, and edge networks. Ideal for businesses facing the dynamic demands of a distributed digital environment, Graphiant ensures quality of service and data sovereignty with reduced complexity and cost.

Founded: 2020

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Graphiant Company Overview

Founded by Khalid Raza, a visionary in the networking industry, Graphiant emerged from the need to overcome the limitations of traditional connectivity solutions like MPLS and SD-WAN, particularly in dynamic, distributed environments. Raza's background in network engineering and his previous entrepreneurial success provided a solid foundation for addressing these challenges with innovative solutions. Graphiant's core product, the Network Edge service, epitomizes cutting-edge technology in network management. It delivers MPLS-class quality of service (QoS) and end-to-end service level agreements (SLAs) with the agility and cost-effectiveness of internet-based solutions. This service is designed to simplify the provisioning, management, and scaling of networks, ensuring secure and reliable connectivity across various deployment scenarios including remote work setups, multi-cloud operations, and enterprise-wide communications. The company’s approach is centered on a private network model that maintains data encryption exclusively within the consumer edge, enhancing security and compliance capabilities. This model supports dynamic connectivity needs without the complexities of traditional VPNs and tunnels, facilitating easier management and deployment. The operational efficiency of Graphiant’s solutions is highlighted by significantly lower total cost of ownership and faster deployment times compared to traditional methods. Graphiant has established itself as a thought leader in the network technology space, evidenced by partnerships and endorsements from industry analysts and enterprises alike. Their solutions cater to a broad spectrum of industries requiring robust, flexible networking solutions that adapt to rapid changes and growing connectivity demands. The company continues to invest in research and development, driving innovation to keep pace with the evolving digital landscape and securing its position at the forefront of the network services industry.

Management Team

Khalid Raza CEO and Founder
Woody Sessoms Chief Business Officer
Ali Shaikh Chief Product Officer

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