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Graphcore is a cutting-edge technology firm specializing in advanced machine learning through their innovative Intelligent Processing Units (IPUs). They offer a robust platform for developing and deploying AI applications, catering to industries like finance, biotech, and scientific research. Their products enable significant speed-ups in AI processes, leveraging unique IPU architectures and the Poplar software framework to optimize AI performance and efficiency.

Founded: 2016

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Founded by Nigel Toon and Simon Knowles, Graphcore has positioned itself as a leader in the acceleration of artificial intelligence through its proprietary IPU technology. This U.K.-based company has revolutionized the way AI applications are developed and executed, offering distinct advantages over traditional GPU systems. Graphcore's product lineup includes Cloud IPUs and Data Centre IPUs, which are designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. These IPUs power a wide range of applications, from computer vision to natural language processing. The company’s flagship technology, the Bow IPU processors, provides unparalleled processing power, allowing for faster computation times and more efficient data handling. Graphcore's software ecosystem is anchored by Poplar, a dedicated programming framework that supports the development of AI applications on IPU hardware. This software is tailored to enhance the performance of deep learning models and streamline deployment across cloud-based platforms. Graphcore's innovative approach to AI hardware and software integration is evident in their widespread adoption by leading research institutions and corporations. This reflects their robust capability to manage demanding AI tasks. The company is committed to continual innovation, focusing on enhancing the scalability and accessibility of AI technologies, which is crucial for advancing current AI capabilities.

Management Team

Nigel Toon CEO, Co-Founder
Simon Knowles CTO, Co-Founder
Nick Bishop CFO
John Walsh COO

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