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GoodData offers AI-driven analytics solutions designed to empower users with interactive data exploration, creating dashboards and charts via a no-code UI. Their platform supports embedded analytics, automated workflows, and scalable analytics to accommodate growing data volumes. GoodData serves various industries, enabling users to easily integrate and analyze data from multiple sources for informed decision-making.

Founded: 2007

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GoodData is a leading provider of advanced analytics solutions that leverage AI to deliver comprehensive data insights. The company's platform enables businesses to create interactive dashboards and charts using a user-friendly, no-code interface, making sophisticated data analysis accessible to users with varying technical expertise. GoodData offers a range of key products, including embedded analytics, headless BI, and robust data visualization tools, catering to a wide array of industries such as e-commerce, financial services, and insurance. GoodData's AI-driven capabilities include automated workflows and 'Analytics-as-Code,' which facilitate streamlined deployment and testing processes. These features support both low-code and no-code functionalities, ensuring that the platform can be effectively utilized by business users and developers alike. The platform is designed to scale seamlessly with increasing data volumes and user demands, making it suitable for enterprises of all sizes. The company emphasizes flexibility in data integration, allowing businesses to easily connect and analyze data from multiple sources. This flexibility empowers organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions, driving efficiency and innovation across their operations. GoodData's solutions are built to support the entire data lifecycle, from data ingestion and transformation to analysis and visualization, providing a holistic approach to business intelligence. GoodData's commitment to continuous improvement and robust customer support ensures that their clients can fully leverage the power of their data. By focusing on delivering actionable insights and enhancing user experience, GoodData helps organizations unlock the full potential of their data assets. This commitment to empowering businesses with advanced analytics tools positions GoodData as a significant player in the analytics space, dedicated to driving business success through data-driven strategies.

Management Team

Roman Stanek Founder, CEO
Zdenek Svoboda Vice President, Platform
Radovan Janecek SVP, GoodData Platform
Ileana Falticeni General Counsel

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