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GoHenry is a financial learning platform designed for children and teenagers, offering a debit card and app that helps young users manage money responsibly. The service includes educational features like allowance management, savings goals, and spending controls to foster financial literacy from an early age. Geared towards kids aged 6-18, GoHenry makes financial education engaging with customizable debit card designs and interactive money missions.

Founded: 2012

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Founded to bridge the gap in practical financial education for young people, GoHenry provides a comprehensive financial tool that empowers children and teenagers to learn money management through real-world practice. The service includes a debit card and a mobile app tailored to different age groups, ensuring age-appropriate learning experiences. The core offering of GoHenry is its debit card, which parents can oversee through the app. This setup allows parents to set spending limits, track purchases, and manage how money is spent or saved. The cards are customizable, featuring over 45 designs that children can choose from, making the financial experience both educational and fun. An essential component of GoHenry’s platform is its educational content, known as Money Missions. These are award-winning videos and quizzes designed to teach vital financial concepts such as earning, saving, spending, and investing in an age-appropriate and engaging manner. This feature aims to equip children with the financial skills they need to succeed in adulthood. The app also supports practical money management techniques. It enables parents to automate allowances, pay for chores completed, and encourage savings through goal-setting features. Parents can further customize the experience with controls that restrict where and how much children can spend, ensuring safety and promoting responsible financial behaviors. In addition to helping children manage money, GoHenry offers tools for parents to send money instantly, whether as regular transfers or for completing specific tasks. The platform also facilitates monetary gifts from family and friends through secure links, integrating social and familial aspects into the child’s financial education. GoHenry charges a monthly fee after a free trial period, providing full access to all its features, which are continually updated to meet the evolving needs of families. The service not only aims to educate children about money but also involves the entire family in the learning process, making it a holistic educational tool for financial literacy.

Management Team

Alex Zivoder Chief Executive Officer
Dean Brauer Co-Founder & President
Louise Hill Co-Founder & COO

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