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GOAT Group is a leading platform in the global sneaker and apparel marketplace. Specializing in authentic products, the company offers a comprehensive verification process to ensure product authenticity. Serving a diverse consumer base, GOAT Group combines technology and fashion to cater to enthusiasts and collectors seeking genuine, high-quality sneakers and apparel. Operating four distinct brands - GOAT, Flight Club, Grailed and alias - GOAT Group has a global community of over 50M members across 170 countries.

Founded: 2015

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GOAT Group Company Overview

Founded by Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano, GOAT Group has risen to prominence in the luxury and lifestyle markets with a keen focus on genuine sneakers and fashion items. The inception of GOAT was driven by the need to combat the prevalent issue of counterfeit goods in the online sneaker market. They introduced a robust verification system to assure the authenticity of each product, distinguishing them in a highly competitive industry. GOAT Group operates a comprehensive platform that serves as both a primary marketplace for authorized retailers and brands, as well as a resale market facilitating peer-to-peer transactions. This strategy allows them to cater to a broad spectrum of customers, ranging from casual buyers to avid collectors. Additionally, the company has expanded its inventory to include apparel and accessories, broadening its appeal and market penetration. Further enhancing their market position, GOAT Group has also formed strategic B2B partnerships, offering technology and services to other entities within the fashion sector. Their adoption of AI and data analytics has significantly improved user experiences and operational efficiencies, showcasing their commitment to innovation. As GOAT Group continues to expand its global footprint, they remain steadfast in their commitment to quality and authenticity. This dedication not only ensures the trust and satisfaction of their customers but also solidifies their reputation as a reliable and esteemed player in the global fashion marketplace.

Management Team

Eddy Lu Co-founder & CEO
Sen Sugano Chief Brand Officer
Daishin Sugano Co-founder & Chief Product Offier

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