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Go1 is a prominent provider of online learning solutions, offering a vast library of courses from hundreds of providers. It focuses on enhancing workforce skills and ensuring compliance training, integrating with existing technologies to provide seamless, personalized learning experiences. Trusted globally, Go1 aims to improve employee development and organizational capabilities through relevant, high-quality content.

Founded: 2015

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Founded with the mission to revolutionize corporate learning, Go1 has established itself as a leading platform in the realm of online training content. It offers an extensive library of learning materials sourced from a wide array of renowned providers, ensuring comprehensive coverage for various business needs, ranging from skill enhancement to compliance training. This aggregation of high-quality content allows businesses to access a diverse set of courses without the need to manage multiple subscriptions. Go1 excels in creating a seamless learning experience by integrating with numerous technology partners, which allows it to fit effortlessly into existing business systems. This integration ensures that learning is embedded within the workflow, reducing the disruption typically associated with training programs. Moreover, the platform supports consistent reporting and analytics, providing businesses with the insights needed to track and enhance employee development. The core of Go1's offering is its personalized learning approach. By providing content in various formats such as bite-sized modules, interactive labs, and comprehensive courses, Go1 caters to different learning styles and preferences. This flexibility enables organizations to design customized training programs tailored to specific roles and career paths, thereby increasing employee engagement and the effectiveness of training initiatives. Go1's impact is evidenced by its widespread adoption, serving thousands of businesses around the globe, including major corporations in various industries. The platform is trusted by many for its ability to deliver relevant and up-to-date content that addresses the dynamic needs of today's workforce. By focusing on continuous improvement and innovation in learning solutions, Go1 helps businesses to future-proof their operations and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market. In addition to its robust content library and seamless integration capabilities, Go1 is also known for its commitment to customer success. The platform offers extensive support and resources to ensure that businesses can effectively leverage its offerings to achieve their training and development goals. This dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement has solidified Go1's position as a trusted partner in the corporate learning landscape.

Management Team

Andrew Barnes CEO, Co-Founder
Ryan Parsons CFO
Ashleigh Loughnan Chief People Officer
Ben Allen CMO
Antony Ugoni Chief Data Officer
Chris Eigeland COO, Co-Founder

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