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Glint Pay offers a unique financial service that enables its users to buy, save, and spend real gold using a Mastercard debit card. With a focus on financial security and stability, Glint Pay appeals to those looking for an alternative to traditional banking and fiat currency, leveraging gold’s historical reliability as a hedge against inflation.

Founded: 2015

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Glint Pay is revolutionizing the way individuals interact with one of the world’s oldest stores of value: gold. Established as a fintech company, Glint allows clients to use gold as everyday money by offering the ability to buy, save, and spend real gold instantly via a Mastercard debit card. This service ensures that users can manage their gold investments directly, offering a tangible alternative to fiat currencies and digital money. The core of Glint's offering is its allocated gold model, which guarantees that when customers buy gold, it is individually allocated to them and stored securely in Brink’s vaults in Switzerland, under insurance from Lloyds of London. This model ensures that unlike gold ETFs or digital gold cryptocurrencies, customers own the actual physical gold. Glint's app and debit card offer comprehensive financial tools, including the ability to buy gold at competitive market rates with low transaction fees, save it securely as a hedge against inflation, and spend it globally in any outlet that accepts Mastercard. The app also supports USD wallets, allowing for seamless currency exchange and transfers between accounts. Founded on the principle of providing financial fairness and security, Glint targets a global audience, offering services in numerous countries and priding itself on a high degree of customer satisfaction as evidenced by positive reviews and a strong service support system. By reintroducing gold into everyday transactions, Glint is not only providing a financial service but is also pioneering a shift towards a more stable and trustworthy global economic system.

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