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GlassPoint is a leading provider of solar steam solutions for industrial applications. Using their innovative enclosed trough technology, GlassPoint harnesses solar energy to produce steam, helping industries significantly reduce carbon emissions and energy costs. With a focus on cost-efficiency and sustainability, GlassPoint's technology is particularly suited for remote and harsh environments, ensuring continuous steam supply through advanced storage systems.

Founded: 2008

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GlassPoint specializes in solar energy solutions, focusing on producing industrial-grade steam through its proprietary enclosed trough technology. The company's mission is to help industries decarbonize by providing a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based steam generation. GlassPoint's enclosed trough technology captures and concentrates solar energy to generate steam, which can be used in various industrial processes, including enhanced oil recovery and other heavy industry operations. The enclosed trough design offers several advantages, including reduced capital and operational expenses, making it a financially viable option for industries seeking to lower their carbon footprint. The system is engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring durability and reliability in remote locations. This technology has been successfully deployed in multiple large-scale projects, notably in California and the Middle East, demonstrating its scalability and effectiveness. A significant feature of GlassPoint's technology is its ability to provide a continuous steam supply, even during non-sunny periods, through the integration of molten salt storage systems. This ensures a stable and reliable steam output, day and night, enhancing the operational efficiency of industrial plants. GlassPoint's innovative approach extends to its business model as well. The company offers long-term steam supply agreements, which help clients manage costs and mitigate the financial risks associated with volatile fuel prices. By blending solar steam with existing fossil fuel systems, GlassPoint enables a seamless transition towards cleaner energy, immediately reducing carbon emissions by up to 80% without requiring extensive retrofits or operational disruptions. Headquartered in New York, with technology and operations centers in Germany and the UK, GlassPoint continues to expand its global footprint, driving the transition towards a more sustainable industrial future.

Management Team

Rod MacGregor CEO
Brian Gardner CFO
David Tickner COO
Jacob Drejer Chief Customer Officer
Markus Balz Chief Technology Officer

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