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GiveCampus is a pioneering platform in educational fundraising technology, providing comprehensive solutions designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of fundraising efforts for educational institutions. Trusted by thousands of schools, GiveCampus supports a range of fundraising activities through innovative tools that improve donor engagement, manage volunteers, process payments, and harness the power of social media for peer-to-peer campaigns.

Founded: 2015

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Founded with the mission to transform educational fundraising, GiveCampus has established itself as a leader in providing sophisticated yet user-friendly fundraising solutions tailored specifically for schools, colleges, and universities. This platform is recognized for its ability to significantly enhance the fundraising capabilities of educational institutions by simplifying the donation process and making it more engaging for donors. The suite of services offered by GiveCampus includes everyday online giving, major gift campaigns, crowdfunding, event-based fundraising, and the integration of modern payment methods like mobile wallets and cryptocurrencies. This ensures that institutions can cater to the preferences of a diverse donor base. Furthermore, GiveCampus incorporates advanced technologies such as AI-driven insights and analytics, wealth data for targeting potential major donors, and robust volunteer management tools that empower individuals to contribute effectively to their fundraising goals. The platform is designed to streamline the operational aspects of fundraising through features like automatic payment processing, seamless CRM integration, and reliable security measures to protect donor information. Educational institutions using GiveCampus benefit from its high conversion rates, which are indicative of an intuitive user interface and a positive donor experience. One of the critical advantages of using GiveCampus is its focus on community and support. The platform not only offers technical solutions but also provides access to a network of fundraising professionals and a wealth of educational resources, including webinars and personalized support. This holistic approach ensures that institutions are well-equipped to meet their fundraising objectives, engage with their communities effectively, and achieve sustained growth in their philanthropic endeavors.

Management Team

Kestrel Linder CEO, Co-Founder
Mike Kong CTO, Co-Founder
Julie O’Connor CFO
Felicity Meu Senior Director of Partner Success

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