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Ginkgo Bioworks, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, leverages synthetic biology to design custom organisms for a variety of applications. Known as "The Organism Company," Ginkgo develops solutions across multiple sectors, including agriculture, biopharmaceuticals, and industrial biotechnology. Their technological platform enhances capabilities in cell programming, which allows for innovation in areas like environmental sustainability, food production, and healthcare.

Founded: 2008

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Ginkgo Bioworks Company Overview

Founded by a team of MIT scientists, Ginkgo Bioworks has positioned itself at the forefront of synthetic biology, aiming to transform multiple industries through organism engineering. The company is built around a powerful platform that uses advanced robotics and proprietary software to design, build, and test engineered cells at scale. Ginkgo Bioworks' services are crucial across several fields. In agriculture, their technologies enhance crop resilience and yield. In healthcare, they focus on producing novel biologics, including vaccines and antibiotics, by engineering cells to produce them efficiently and sustainably. The industrial sector benefits from their work by obtaining new enzymes and chemicals that are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The founders—Tom Knight, Jason Kelly, Reshma Shetty, Barry Canton, and Austin Che—have diverse backgrounds in biology and engineering, which they have leveraged to drive Ginkgo's vision of making biology easier to engineer. Their team is composed of biologists, software engineers, and automation experts who collaborate to optimize the design and production of biological systems. Ginkgo Bioworks also places a strong emphasis on collaboration and partnership with other entities, from startups to global corporations. Their project portfolio includes high-profile collaborations with companies like Bayer and Moderna, focusing on optimizing agricultural biologicals and streamlining vaccine production processes. The company's capabilities are underpinned by their foundries, where they employ high-throughput genetic engineering tools and automation. These foundries allow Ginkgo to rapidly prototype and iterate on biological designs, substantially reducing the development time for new organisms. Ginkgo Bioworks exemplifies how synthetic biology can be harnessed to create sustainable solutions that tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges, from food security to disease prevention. Their innovative approach to designing and using living organisms offers a glimpse into the future of manufacturing and biotechnology.

Management Team

Jason Kelly Co-Founder
Austin Che Co-Founder
Matthew F. McNight Chief Commercial Officer
Ena Cratsenburg Chief Business Officer
John Santos Finance and Operations Manager
Reshma Shetty Co-Founder
Barry Canton Co-Founder

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