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Getir revolutionizes grocery shopping with its ultra-fast delivery service, promising groceries at your doorstep within minutes. Leveraging an expansive inventory across strategically located stores, Getir ensures a seamless shopping experience with no substitutions, catering to immediate needs from early morning until late at night. Offering thousands of products, including fresh items and beverages, Getir combines convenience with high standards of quality and sustainability.

Founded: 2015

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Getir Company Overview

Founded with the mission to enhance urban living, Getir transforms the traditional grocery shopping model by delivering a wide array of products directly to consumers in just minutes. Operating primarily through a user-friendly app, Getir allows customers to browse thousands of products ranging from essential groceries to snacks and alcoholic beverages. Each product is sourced daily to ensure freshness and quality, reinforcing Getir’s commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction. Getir’s innovative business model is built on the foundation of owning and operating its own stores rather than relying on third parties. This vertical integration allows for precise inventory management and eliminates the common issue of substitutions that can frustrate customers. The technology employed by Getir enables real-time inventory updates, which guarantees that what customers see online is exactly what they receive. Strategically located stores are a cornerstone of Getir’s operations, enabling the company to deliver products within 15-20 minutes. The proximity of these stores to customers not only facilitates rapid delivery but also supports Getir’s sustainability goals. The majority of deliveries are conducted via an electric fleet, underlining the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The workforce is pivotal to Getir’s success. Unlike many gig economy models, Getir employs most of its delivery personnel directly, offering them full employment benefits. This approach not only enhances service reliability but also ensures a committed workforce aligned with the company’s high service standards. Getir also stands out for its customer-centric innovations. For instance, the absence of a need to book delivery slots and the policy against substitutions are designed to cater to the spontaneous needs of modern urban dwellers. This focus on customer convenience is complemented by frequent promotions and deals, making Getir not just a service but a part of daily life for its users. In summary, Getir isn’t just a grocery delivery service; it’s a lifestyle enhancer for the urban dweller, offering spontaneity, convenience, and reliability, all wrapped up in an environmentally conscious package. Through strategic store placements, robust technology, and a dedicated workforce, Getir promises a grocery shopping experience that meets the demands of contemporary life.

Management Team

Nazim Salur CEO, Co-Founder
Gökhan Çamaş CTO
B. Caglar Ergin COO
Simge Güçalp CFO

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