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Gainsight is a leading provider of customer success and product experience software. The company offers solutions to drive customer retention, enhance user adoption, and build customer communities. Gainsight leverages AI technology to provide insights and improve customer engagement.

Founded: 2009

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Gainsight is a premier provider of customer success and product experience management software, focusing on enhancing customer retention, optimizing user adoption, and fostering robust customer communities. The platform's core products include Customer Success, Product Experience, Customer Communities, and Customer Education, all powered by advanced AI technology. These tools deliver in-depth analytics, automate customer interactions, and offer personalized engagement strategies to businesses. The company serves a diverse range of industries such as healthcare, technology, and finance, and its solutions are employed by leading global companies to predict churn, identify growth opportunities, and streamline onboarding processes. Gainsight’s innovative platform leverages AI-driven insights to enable businesses to improve customer engagement and satisfaction significantly. In addition to its software solutions, Gainsight is known for hosting Pulse, an annual conference dedicated to customer success professionals. This event fosters a community of experts, promoting best practices and facilitating knowledge sharing within the field. Gainsight's emphasis on AI-driven insights and human-first technology underpins its mission to ensure businesses grow by enhancing their customer relationships. The company’s approach integrates comprehensive data analytics with proactive strategies to improve customer success outcomes. Gainsight’s Customer Success product helps businesses monitor health scores, manage customer lifecycles, and execute renewal processes effectively. The Product Experience module focuses on understanding user behavior and driving feature adoption through targeted engagement. Customer Communities and Customer Education products further support businesses by creating interactive platforms for customer interaction and continuous learning. Gainsight’s comprehensive suite of tools and dedication to innovation make it a leader in the customer success and product experience sectors. By combining AI technology with a customer-centric approach, Gainsight enables businesses to foster deeper customer relationships and achieve long-term growth.

Management Team

Nick Mehta CEO
Ashvin Vaidyanathan Chief Customer Officer
Carol Mahoney Chief People Officer
Jeff Depa CRO
Karl Rumelhart Chief Product Officer
Robin Garcia-Amaya Chief of Staff & Vice President
Stephanie Robotham CMO
Igor Beckerman CFO

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