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Frontier Bio is an innovative biotechnology firm specializing in the development of engineered human tissues aimed at eliminating the need for animal testing. They focus on creating sustainable solutions for pharmaceutical testing and the potential future of organ donation. Their cutting-edge bioprinting technology supports research in areas such as lungs, brains, and vascular tissues, significantly advancing the field of tissue engineering.

Founded: 2018

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Frontier Bio, a leading entity in the biotechnology sector, is revolutionizing the approach to medical research and testing through its advanced engineered tissue technologies. Founded with a vision to mitigate and ultimately replace animal testing, the company develops bioprinted human tissues that are used in pharmaceutical and biological research, promoting more ethical and potentially more effective scientific outcomes. The company's portfolio includes a range of engineered tissues tailored for different areas of the body such as lungs, brains, and blood vessels. These tissues are designed to mimic human responses more accurately than animal models, providing a groundbreaking platform for drug testing and disease research. This shift aligns with recent legislative changes, such as the FDA Modernization Act 2.0, which promotes alternatives to traditional animal testing methods in clinical trials. Frontier Bio's work is underpinned by collaborations with notable institutions like Stanford University, Duke University, and the Mayo Clinic, enhancing its research capabilities and outreach. Their efforts are also supported by grants from respected organizations such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Wellcome Leap, highlighting the scientific and ethical significance of their work. The company's commitment to innovation is not only demonstrated in its products but also in its proactive stance on future medical technologies, including the potential development of lab-grown organs. Frontier Bio envisions a future where organ donors are unnecessary, and medical advancements can be achieved with minimal ethical concerns. Located in Hayward, California, Frontier Bio continues to expand its influence and operations, seeking to attract top talent and partners who share their vision of a more ethical and effective approach to medical science. This commitment to excellence and innovation makes Frontier Bio a pivotal player in the biotech industry, driving forward a new era of medical research and healthcare solutions.

Management Team

Eric Bennett Founder and CEO
Victoria-Elisabeth Gruber Head of Translational Research
Jonard Valdoz Head of In Vitro Development
Sam Pashneh-Tala Head of Vascular Engineering

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